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  • All customers will be required to create an account at to place any orders.
    For more details on how to create your account, please check the “How to create your account” section below.
  • The following will be required from all customers when placing orders.
    a) The ability to send payments through a PayPal account or any other payment method specified by 1000toys.
    b) To provide a shipping address in English which can be shipped to from Japan using standard shipping methods with no extra fees.
  • Please contact customer support if you wish to place an order but cannot meet the requirements above.
  • If the address provided is in a language other than English (roman characters with no diacritic marks), we will be unable to ship your order.


For customers who are new to the 1000toys website, you will need to create your own account to purchase any of our products.

  • 1) First, click on the human shaped icon on the top right of the page. This will take you to the “SIGN IN” page.
  • 2) At the “SIGN IN” page please click on “Create Your New Account”.
  • 3) Please read and agree to the “Terms of Service” to proceed.
  • 4) At the “New Customer” page, please type in your e-mail address and the captcha.
     Please double check to make sure that your e-mail address is correct before proceeding.
  • 5) Click "Send" and a guidance email will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • 6) Follow the link given in the e-mail to proceed to the information input page.
  • 7) Input your information and confirm to complete the registration.


-Shop Page

Click the “ADD TO CART” button under the product you wish to purchase to add the product to your cart. If you wish to know more about the product before ordering, click “Details” to learn more about the product. After viewing the details of the product, click the “ADD TO CART” button to add the product to your cart.

Once you are ready to proceed, please click the “CART” button on the top right of the website.

-Shopping Cart

Once the products are in your cart, please click the “CART” logo seen on the top right of the website to confirm the items you will be purchasing as well as the prices and quantity.
Once you are ready to proceed, please agree to our privacy policy by checking the checkbox before clicking “CHECKOUT” to advance to payment.
You will be required to sign in to your account before proceeding to the payment section. For new customers, please click “CREATE YOUR NEW ACCOUNT” to create your account.
Once you are signed in or have created a new account, you will proceed to the payment page.
** Please note that no orders are confirmed until payments have been completed for the item.

-Payment Page

  • 1) Select Shipping Address
     Select your shipping address from the address registered to your account. If you require a new address,
     please go to your account settings to register a new shipping address.
  • 2) Select Payment Method
     Please select PayPal Express for the payment method.
  • 3) Confirm Order Information
     Please double check that everything is correct before proceeding PAYMENT PAGE.
     Please enter your PayPal account details and complete your payment from PayPal.
  • 4) Order Complete
     After completing your payment, you will be sent to a screen that will confirm that your order has been received.
     Please confirm that you have received an order confirmation e-mail from 1000toys sent to your registered e-mail address.
     If you do not receive the order confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder once before contacting 1000toys with the details of your order.


Why have I not received an order confirmation mail?
All customers will be sent an order confirmation e-mail once the payment has been confirmed.
Please check your spam mail and if it is not there contact customer service.
Can I purchase more than the individual purchase limit for another person?
Purchase limits cannot be exceeded for any reason.
Where can I check my order status?
Sign in to [My account] page and click your order number to check your order details.
Why is my order in "Payment Complete" status?
All pre-order items will be in the status "Payment Complete" until the item is ready to ship. We ask for your patience until the item is ready to ship.
When will my order ship?
The estimated time of delivery for your order can be checked by viewing the details of your order by clicking on your orderat the Order History section in your Account Settings page.


Where can I get new information about your products?
We will post information periodically at the 1000toys website as well as our various social media outlets.

Please click the links below for official product information.

1000toys Website

1000toys Facebook Page

1000toys Instagram Account
I have checked your website but there are no products on sale.
1000toys products are in most cases made to order and available through pre-order only.
Generally, if a pre-order is not open at the time, there will be no products available.
Please make sure to follow our social media for more details on when the next pre-order will start.
When will information for pre-orders for new products be available?
In most cases, details regarding pre-orders will be posted around 1~2 weeks before it opens.
Will a sold out product be rereleased?
We cannot answer any questions about product re-releases, but we will take into consideration any messages we receive about past products, so let us know what you want.
What products have you released in the past?
Please check our Archive Section for more information on products we have released in the past.
What products will you be selling at your next event?
All details regarding sales at events will be announced through our social media outlets. We cannot answer any questions regarding exclusives until an official announcement has been made.


Payment Methods

What payment methods are available?
We accept payment via PayPal only.
When will my order be charged?
All billing from PayPal will be done when the purchase is placed and not when the item ships.
What currency will I be charged in?
All orders will be charged in USD.
Why is my order in "pending" status?
All pre-order items will be in the status "pending" until the item is ready to ship. We ask for your patience until the item is ready to ship.


Which carrier will my products be shipped with?
Shipping methods will be EMS or DHL depending on the destination. All shipments will be sent by a trackable shipping method unless in special cases.
How much will the shipping cost be?
Shipping fees are included in the price of the product.
Can I specify a day for delivery?
We are sorry but this is not possible.
How can I change the delivery address for my order?
Please sign in to your account and access your order through the “Order History” section of your “ACCOUNT SETTINGS” page. In the order details, select "Change Delivery Destination" to change the delivery address.

※Note : Once the order status has changed to “Preparing for Shipment”, your shipping address will be locked and can not be changed by the customer. Please contact our customer support in this case. If the shipment has already left the shipping warehouse, we cannot change the shipping address.
Can I request the declared value of my shipment to be lowered when shipped?
We are sorry but we will not accept requests to lower the declared value of any shipment.
When will my order reach me? Have my items been sent yet?
Shipment will depend on which item(s) you ordered. The shipment date posted is an estimate and may be delayed due to production circumstances. The actual date of delivery will also depend on the country the items are being sent to. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail containing your tracking number.
Can separate orders be combined?
Separate orders cannot be combined.
Can you ship with a different courier?
For basic international shipping, customers are unable to select a delivery courier. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Regarding Overseas Shipment
Please note that delivery may be affected by the customs clearance procedures for your country. In addition to the shipping and handling fees charged with your order, import taxes and other fees (such as customs clearance fees) may be imposed. All taxes and fees incurred after shipment are the customer's responsibility. Custom rules and regulations differ per region. Please contact your local customs office directly for more information.
Import Taxes and duties for international shipments
All taxes, duties, and customs fees are the responsibility of the recipient of the package. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay any additional taxes. For more information on import taxes/duties, please contact your local customs office.
Will multiple products with different shipping dates be shipped together?
Products with different shipping dates will be shipped separately in the order they become available.
Regarding P.O. BOX addresses
Orders going to a P.O. Box address will be sent via EMS and may take extra days for delivery.
I noticed the shipping address on the shipping notice email was wrong. How can I change this?
Once the shipment has left the warehouse, 1000toys cannot change the shipping address of any shipment. We ask the customer to contact their local post office or DHL office to arrange any changes in the shipping address.
By when do I have to change my shipping address before the shipment?
We will be posting deadlines for the changing of address for our products on our Facebook page as well as the official website at least one week before the deadline.
I missed the first delivery of the product but what should I do?
Please contact your local post office or DHL office with the tracking numbers of the shipment to arrange a second delivery of the shipment.
Where is my shipment?
Please trace the shipment through your local EMS or DHL website. If the shipment is held at a local Post Office or DHL office please contact them with the tracking numbers to arrange a delivery.
Regarding unclaimed and returned product.
Any product returned to 1000toys with any issue that is not the responsibility of 1000toys will require the customer to pay a shipping fee before a second shipment.
1000toys will not be held at fault and therefore will take no responsibility for the following
・Any issues involving taxes, duties, and customs fees as well as handling fees during the delivery.
・Failure to pick up any shipment sent to the correct address.
The customer will be required to contact customer support with the order details of the shipment to claim the order before re-delivery.
Also note that all shipments not claimed within 4 months of the original shipment will be considered abandoned by the customer and disposed at the sole discretion of 1000toys.
If in doubt, please contact our customer support with any questions regarding these issues.
The status of my shipment reads “Delivered” but I have not received it. What should I do?
EMS and DHL will deliver to the shipping address but it can be accepted by anyone at that address. If you live in a situation such as a school dormitory where a shipment could be accepted by someone else, please send to a secure address or contact your local DHL or post office to have the shipment delivered when you can claim it.


Why have I not received an order confirmation e-mail ?
All customers will be sent an order confirmation e-mail once the payment has been confirmed. Please check your spam mail and if it is not found there contact customer service with details of your order.


Customer support
Customer Support will be available during the following business hours. (All times are JST).
Customer Support Hours: 11:00 ~17:00 Weekdays Only
We reply to all requests in the order that we receive them, so during busy periods replies may be delayed.
Also note that we will only accept support requests in English(e-mail).
We will not be able to support any other language.
Can you change the price of the goods on the invoice you send?
We will not alter the price of merchandise on any invoice or customs documentation.
How can I change my profile information?
Any details regarding your profile can be changed by signing in and accessing your profile information from the "Account Settings" section of the site.
Can I change the number of items I ordered?
After the order has been placed, you can no longer change the number of items ordered.
How can I cancel my order?
Please send an inquiry to Customer support through the order history section of your account settings page. Once products have left the shipping warehouse, excluding special cases we will not accept any cancels.
Can I purchase more than the individual purchase limit?
The maximum quantity of each product available per customer cannot be exceed . If you order exceeds this maximum purchase limit, the exceeding quantity in your order will be cancelled.
I seem to be having trouble ordering.
Please check if you are using the latest browser. If you still have problems, you may need to disable your security programs before you order.
Regarding Damaged Packaging
All packaging is designed for the purpose of protecting the product and not considered part of the product. All claims regarding damaged packages will not be accepted.
How do I cancel my Membership?
Please click this link to start the membership cancellation process.
Please note that the e-mail address used to create the canceled account cannot be reused. For customers who wish to create a new account, we ask you to use another e-mail address never registered with our shop.
I can’t sign in to my account.
Click “Forgot your password” at the Sign-In page to have a temporary password issued. Please enter your registered e-mail address before clicking "Publish" to have your temporary password sent. If this does not solve your problem, please contact customer support with the details.
I have a problem with an old product bought over 12 months earlier.
Please contact customer support with the information, but as customer support for products are generally discontinued after 12 months from the original release, we may not be able to provide any support for older products. As mentioned, products bought from online auctions, etc. will not be considered first hand sales and do not qualify to receive customer support.
My product has a defect and/or is missing parts.
Please contact customer support through the inquiry section in your Account Settings with the following information :
・Product Name
・Information and pictures of defect and/or missing part(s).
・Order ID (If bought through 1000toys shop)
Note : Customer support will only be provided to products purchased first hand via official channels.
Customer support may ask for information on when and where the product was purchased.
Products bought from online auctions, etc. will not be considered first hand sales and do not qualify to receive customer support.
How to send an inquiry through your account
After signing in, please click the Inquiry section of your Account Settings. Once you have entered the Inquiry section, please click on “New Inquiry” before filling in the details of your inquiry and pushing Register. Once the inquiry is registered, it will be added to the Support History log in your Inquiry section. All inquiries and replies can be seen at this page.