1/12 Scale RE:Edit Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V High-End Action Figure | 1000toys

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30/8/2019 HALO

1/12 Scale RE:Edit Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V High-End Action Figure


Item Description

Release Estimate: April 2020

1000toys is excited to introduce our RE:Edit Halo Action Figure Series, showcasing Microsoft's best-selling video game series!

Kicking things off is the legendary Spartan super-soldier known as Master Chief. Starting with the iconic MJOLNIR Mark V armor featured in the classic Halo: Combat Evolved game, famed mecha designer Izmojuki has taken the original design and refined it with his trademark touch of style and realism.

Included with the Master Chief figure will be two stylish M6D Pistols as well as the iconic MA5B Assault Rifle used in Halo: Combat Evolved. And for close range combat, the Master Chief has acquired a Covenant Energy Sword to cut through anything within reach!

The exterior armor pieces are made from ABS plastic to allow maximum detail while the diecast inner frame will provide an overall improved durability for the collectible.

The RE:Edit Master Chief also comes with the amazing articulation 1000toys products are well known for, allowing you to pose it in various stances while retaining battle-ready stiffness in the joints.

Just like in the games, Master Chief is leading the way for our RE:Edit Halo Action Figure Series, so be on the lookout for more Halo Action Figures coming from 1000toys!

US$ 125.00
Orders Open
180 mm
Figure, Interchangeable hands (5 sets), M6D Pistol (x2), Pistol mount part (x2), MA5B Assault Rifle, Energy Sword.
The Halo franchise is a universe of entertainment experiences, from action figures to live-action television. From novels to construction toys and everything in between. And all this epic world of Halo goods and pastimes orbits around a central core of the characters and worlds of the legendary video game series.