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23/FEB/2018 ROBOX
1/12 Scale ROBOX BASIC
Born from a collaboration between the world famous Korean artist Kim Jung Gi and 1000toys that will produce products based on designs by Kim drawn specifically for this project. Will come highly articulated and built stiff enough to hold poses. Can also be held and posed in states of transformations. The first release will be the standard version of Robox featuring a military paint finish with weathering and small markings. <Artist Profile> Kim Jung Gi is an established artist from South Korea whose art work has attracted the international attention of millions over the last few years. He has the ability to visualize the drawing before making his marks. With mental pictures, he can draw without a photographic reference. Since 2007, he has published three Sketchbooks which contain more than 2,200 pages of his monumental art work.
20/FEB/2018 TOA Heavy Industries
1/12 TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human(3rd Production Run Ver. )
The prototype build of the male type Synthetic Human was developed by TOA Heavy Industries for special operations. The Synthetic Human will be stationed to the TOA Heavy Industries headquarters as a multi-role agent. Being able to adapt to various environments, the Synthetic Human has a very high level of combat ability. But due to being a prototype, his outer aspects are incomplete, with the facial mask being a mere shell which mimics the human face. The early stage prototype of the Synthetic Human has a self-learning A.I. installed. The 1/12 Synthetic Human is not just a downsized version of its 1/6 scale counterpart. The figure’s articulation, gimmicks and silhouette have been refined and optimized for the 1/12 scale size. ※NOTE※ The 3rd production version of the 1/12 Synthetic Human will have a different mark on the back of the neck. This will be the only difference between the 1/12 TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human 1st and 2nd run sold earlier by 1000toys.
9/FEB/2018 Aposimz
Aposimz 1/12 Etherow Action Figure
'1000toys is proud to announce the 1/12 Etherow Action Figure from the new Tsutomu Nihei manga APOSIMZ! From the popular manga APOSIMZ ,published by Kodansha, Etherow is now available as a 1/12 scale acton figure! Comes with details not seen in the comics that were added by the artist of the manga Tsutomu Nihei himself! Developed from 1000toys's experience with joints of 1/12 action figures such as the Synthetic Human and Killy from BLAME! it will combine high details with a wide range of motion not seen in toys of similar sizes. Will come with a Exchangable Arm Part that will enable you to recreate the Ballistic Acceleration Device seen in the manga! Comes with bonus head part available only through the 1000toys shop!
1/12 Scale Probe 20WT (IDA Security Edition)
1/12 Scale Probe 20WT (IDA Security Edition) Our next version of the popular 1/12 Probe 20WT will be the IDA Security edition which comes in blue with white and yellow markings. As with earlier release will come fully articulated and the parts are designed so that you can combine them with parts of other types of the IZMOJUKI series to form your own mecha.