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4/OCT/2017 TOA Heavy Industries
1/6 TOA Heavy Industries "STORM SHADOW"
Debuted at NYCC 2016 in October 2016. Our second collaboration project with BAIT is none other than Storm Shadow, the arch enemy of Snake Eyes, in the same G.I.JOE × TOA Heavy Industries style! "I remember you..." In his white ninja garb which symbolizes 'death', Storm Shadow ambushes Snake Eyes who was in the midst of a rescue mission. His left eye glistens from under the mask, and slowly draws the bow towards his old arch enemy. The duel of fate between white and black, is once again repeated after a distant time...
1/12 Scale Probe 20WT (IDA Security Edition)
1/12 Scale Probe 20WT (IDA Security Edition) Our next version of the popular 1/12 Probe 20WT will be the IDA Security edition which comes in blue with white and yellow markings. As with earlier release will come fully articulated and the parts are designed so that you can combine them with parts of other types of the IZMOJUKI series to form your own mecha.
4/OCT/2017 TOA Heavy Industries
1/6 TOA Heavy Industries "DUKE"
The third release in the Bait x G.I.JOE x 1000toys series is DUKE! The jacket DUKE wears is a 1/6 scale replica of the actual BAIT x Alpha Industries x G.I.Joe inspired reversible MA-1 flight jacket. This figure was first sold by BAIT during SDCC 2017.