1000toys presents 1/12 Etherow Action Figure from Tsutomu Nihei newest work Aposimz! | 1000toys

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2018/02/08 | #News

1000toys presents 1/12 Etherow Action Figure from Tsutomu Nihei newest work Aposimz!


1000toys is happy to announce the 1/12 Etherow Action Figure from Tsutomu Nihei’s latest work “Aposimz”.


For fans of Nihei’s works, the second volume of Aposimz will be released in Japan tomorrow February 9th!



Born from the use of a special code, Etherow becomes the armored form as seen in the manga.

Based on the color illustration in the manga, the characteristic red design is not symmetrical and differs from side to side.



Details not seen in the manga have been added to the figure by the creator Tsutomu Nihei himself.



The joint system has been designed building on the experience we gained developing the 1/12 Synthetic Human and 1/12 BLAME! Killy figures and allow for maximum articulation without sacrificing any detail.





The two wings on the back are also articulated to allowing for incredible posing possibilities.




Also included is Etherow’s main weapon, the Ballistic Acceleration Device, which can be attached to either arm by exchanging parts.





1/12 Etherow Action Figure Product Details

・Release Period: September,2018


・Material: PVC/ABS/POM

・Included parts:Closed Fist Parts x 1Set, Open Hand Parts x 2sets, Ballistic Acceleration Device (Exchangeable Arm Part), Special Head Part

・Size: 16cm



1000toys online shop special bonus!

For those customers who order Etherow through the 1000toys shop, a special head part will be included.  



This special head part cannot be purchased anywhere else and depicts the Etherow as seen before completing the full transition into armored form. The hair, eye and even the teeth have been realistically rendered for this part.

Where to order.  

1000toys WEB (For customers who live outside of Japan)



Orders will be closed on March 19th. 


Special Head Part will only be included in products sold at the Toys to Art shop(For Japan) and the 1000toys Shop (For Overseas)

Product pictures are from samples and may have small differences with final product.


cTsutomu Nihei