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2018/04/27 | #Events

ROBOX CANVAS WHITE debuts at Thailand Toy Expo 2018!



1000toys is pleased to announce the debut of the ROBOX CANVAS WHITE at Thailand Toy Expo (TTE) 2018!

ROBOX CANVAS WHITE is a DIY version of 1000toys exciting transforming robot collaboration with Kim Jung-Gi. You can paint it, customize it, add some of the included decals - create your own original version of ROBOX! Scroll down for more pix!

TTE is the largest art toy show in Thailand and will be held from May 3rd to 6th, 2018 in Bangkok at Central World Shopping Center. Attendance is free so if you’re in the area please stop by! Check the event website for further details.

For those who can’t make it to Thailand Toy Expo, ROBOX CANVAS WHITE will also be available at both DesignFesta in Japan (May 12 & 13) and the Five Points Festival in New York  (June 2 & 3). Stay tuned to 1000toys for further details.




ROBOX smoothly  transforms from utilitarian box form to action-ready humanoid form without exchanging any parts.


Shield and guns seen in picture can be attached to both arms.  



Guns can be held in both hands and mounted on the shield when not in use.


The lenses for the head come as a seperate part which allows for it to be easily painted before attaching.


We recommend using plastic model nipper to finely trim the lenses.

※Please be careful not to hurt yourself while doing this.   


A set of original decals made for this product will be included.

【ROBOX Canvas White Custom Example】

The custom has the lens painted and the  included decals have been applied to the white base body.   

Even this basic customization adds details that really sharpen up your ROBOX.   

The decals look fantastic on the base white adding cool details to the ROBOX. 

For this custom, we have painted the edges of the camera in the head black and added metallic green and blue to the lenses. 

Rivets and shafts are painted silver to add a metallic feel. 

The black marking decals included really pop on the white base color  changing the overall feel.

We highly recommend that you put these decals on your ROBOX.

The markings will look different depending on the form (Robot or Box) so test your placements a few times until you can find the best position. 


The package features an original illustration is drawn by Kim Jung-Gi the creator of ROBOX.

【About ROBOX】

Based on an original design by the world famous Korean artist Kim Jung-Gi, ROBOX is a collaboration between Kim and 1000toys. A perfectly transformable toy that comes in a palm sized 1/12 scale with an amazing range of articulation plus the various gimmicks that 1000toys products are known for.   

Check out this blog post to find out about ROBOX BASIC

<Kim Jung-Gi Profile>

Born in 1975 Kim Jung-Gi is a Korean born artist  whose style of hyper realistic illustrations without the aid of photographic references has attracted the attention of millions over the last few years. Videos of his live drawing sessions on YouTube have over two million views and he is considered by many one of the greatest illustrators of our time.

<Thailand Toy Expo Event Details>

Date: May 3 ~ 6, 2018. 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Venue: Central World Bangkok, Thailand

Admission: Free


FB: @ThailandToyexpo

<Product Details>

Product name: Robox Canvas White

Price: THB1500 (Event Limited Price)

Material: ABS,PA

Set Includes: Main Figure, Gun x2 set, Shield, Decals

Size: 150mm

Weight: 500g

Original Design: Kim Jung-Gi

Toy Design:AKI


Development Co-operation:studioRECKLESS

Designed by Kim Jung-Gi  (c)1000TOYS, INC.


2017/12/07 | #Events

1000toys at Toy Soul 2017


1000toys will be back in Hong Kong for Toy Soul 2017 - this is our last event of the year!

At the Sentinel International Booth (#D01~D08) we will be featuring the third installment of the spectacular 1/6 Synthetic Human Custom Show! Following up on the success of showings at DesignerCon and Tokyo Comic Con, stop by to check out the awesome display of innovative works by artists from around the world.

A tasty selection of 1000toys figures will be available at the Sentinel International booth. Details will be announced through the Sentinel International Facebook account.

※We ask all inquiries regarding 1000toys products on sale at Toy Soul be sent to Sentinel International.

Also our new 1/12 artist collaboration action figure line - the nu:synth initiative - will be available at Toy Soul at the Wrong Gallery Booth (#F14). Look for the first 3 releases from the line: Nextman Fusion (RealxHead) and Knights of the Synth (Toy Pizza) - Brick (red) and Death (Black).

※We ask inquiries regarding the nu:synth products on sale at Toy Soul be sent to Wrong Gallery.

<Event Details>


Date: DEC 15th - 17th

Time: 10:00-22:00

Location: Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre

For more details about Toy Soul 2017 please visit their official website at

Sentinel International on Facebook:

Wrong Gallery on Facebook: