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2020/04/17 | #News

Release Date Update for 「1/12 Scale RE:Edit Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V High-End Action Figure」

Release Date Information Update

This notice is to inform everyone that the 1/12 Scale RE:Edit Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V High-End Action Figure previously scheduled for release in April 2020, has been delayed to June 2020 due to factory closures related to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

Delayed from April 2020 to June 2020:

1/12 Scale RE:Edit Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V High-End Action Figure

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Thank you for your continued support of 1000toys.

Note: The updated timeline is for shipping from the factory to the 1000toys, actual delivery timing will vary based on your location. 


遅延情報:HALO 1/12 RE:EDIT Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V






商品名: HALO 1/12 RE:EDIT Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V

発売日: 2020年4月→2020年6月発売予定

2020/01/01 | #News

Happy New Year from 1000toys!



From everyone at 1000toys we thank you for a great 2019 and would like to wish everyone a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!


2019 was an evolutionary year for 1000toys. We launched our new sub-brands “ORIGINALS” and “ICONS” to distinguish our direct-with-creator lines and licensed property releases. Here is a review of the past year and a preview of things to come broken down by the 2 new imprints. 





TOA Heavy Industries was the line that launched 1000toys and our ongoing collaboration projects with Nihei Tsutomu will fall under the ORIGINALS label. By popular demand, we released 4th production runs of our flagship figure - the TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human - in both 1/6 and 1/12 sizes.


We will continue to develop new takes on some of Nihei’s classic works including Zoichi from BIOMEGA. 2020 will also see the release of the long-awaited TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Woman which will once again push the boundaries of articulation for a 1/12 scale figure.


The nu:synth initiative will also be under the ORIGINALS imprint moving forward. The first half of 2019 saw the release of the remaining figures from nu:synth initiative Wave 2 including Samenchu & Aitsurer from the UN:Synth Heroes (Punk Drunkers) series and GlyNinja Light & Dark from the GlyoSynth (Onell Design) series. We have some exciting new releases planned for Wave 3 which are scheduled to debut at DesignerCon 2020. We also have more exciting projects in the ORIGINALS pipeline including collaborations with Malaysian artists 1000tentacles, Japan’s Tokyo Jesus and Doktor A from the U.K. Stay tuned for details!





Bringing our unparalleled attention to detail and articulation to the broader audiences of beloved properties has been a long term goal of 1000toys - these projects will now be formally released under the ICONS banner. 2019 was definitely the year that our licensed property releases went into high gear.


The Defense Mode version of the Iron Giant went on pre-order in 2019 along with a second production run of our highly regarded standard version of the character. These 2 iconic robot figures will be shipping in early 2020.


From the popular game title Devil May Cry 5, we announced the release 1/12 scale figures of Dante and Nero in both regular and DX versions with a multitude of weapons that are seen in the gameplay.


Our well-received version of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy made its way into the hands of collectors in 2019 and we previewed our take on Abe Sapien - the next character in the series which will be available for preorder in January of the new year along with a second run of Hellboy!


2019 also saw the announcement of our first release in our HALO series - the 1/12 Scale RE:Edit Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V High-End Action Figure. Did you get your pre-order in?


Throughout 2019 there have been sneak peaks of some other ICON releases coming up soon including the T45 Power armor from Fallout, and the quirky Cuphead and Mughead and there is more to come.


1000toys will be at New York Toy Fair in February where we will be showcasing our upcoming “ORIGINALS” and “ICONS” releases for 2020.


New projects with major partners will be announced throughout the year so keep an eye out! ----- 2020 is stacking up to be an exciting year for us and we hope you stay with us for the ride!


Again we would like to thank all our fans for their support! We wouldn’t be here without you.


Team 1000toys

2019/12/25 | #News

「1/6 及び1/12 東亜重工製 合成人間」の模倣及び類似品に関して  Warning regarding bootlegs of 1000toys products




1/6 東亜重工製 合成人間」並びに「1/12 東亜重工製 合成人間」が、





物品自体に重大な違法性がございます。 見分けがつきにくい為、









<Warning regarding  bootlegs of 1000toys products>

We have received inquiries regarding bootleg products of our 1/6 Toa Heavy Industries Synthetic Human and 1/12 Toa Heavy Industries Synthetic Human that are available on various websites online. 

These products may look similar in shape and size but do not meet our QC requirements for products and will be highly inferor product compared to the official 1000toys product. 

Also please note these are not licensed products and are a vital infraction of copyright laws and you are harming the actual artists when these are purchased. 


We understand these products are very similar when inside the box which have caused problems to our fans and therefore we have drawn up this warning to show to the best of our ability how to figure out if a product is a bootleg or an official 1000toys product. We have provided below pictures of the bootleg version and the official version side by side as reference but please emphasize the license sticker seen on the second picture as we believe that is the easiest  way to spot the difference between the two products. 

We strongly urge all customers who buy through online shops or auction sites etc. to check if the licenses sticker is correctly attached on the lower right side of your box as seen below inthe second picture when you purchase the product.  This license sticker are proof that the product is a official 1000toys product and that it was produced at the quality that 1000toys products are known for. 


When possible we urge that you always confirm this license sticker is on the box before making any purchases.   








2019/09/12 | #News

Toa Heavy Industry 1/6 Synthetic Human (4th Production Run)






<1/6 Synthetic Human (4th Production Run) Sales Announcement>


1000toys is proud to announce the fourth production run of our Toa Heavy Industries 1/6 Synthetic Human action figure! 

Order  will open at September 13th 11AM (JST) at the 1000toys Web Shop for our overseas fans as well as the Toys To Art shop for our Japanese fans and close on September 25th 11:59PM(JST)with overseas shipping scheduled to start in late September。

Please note that orders will be taken first-come-first-serve basis, and orders will be closed once the prepared stock is exhausted.  

<Product Details>

Product Name: 1/6 Synthetic Human (4th Production Run)

Ordering Period: 9/13 11AM(JST) - 9/25 23:59 

Scheduled Shipping Period: Late September 2019

Product Size:Approx. 300mm tall

Price: USD 150.00

Order Limit:3pcs per person

Web Shop:

Includes: Interchangeable Hand Parts 1set

※Note the weapon holding hands are not included.

*Please note that we cannot answer questions regarding the sales quantity.

<<東亜重工製 1/6 合成人間(第四次生産分)予約販売のお知らせ>>

1000toysの代表作ともいうべき東亜重工1/6合成人間の第四次生産が決定!販売スタートは9月13日11時から1000toys公式サイトおよび日本国内向けにToys to Artのウエブサイトにて行います。

受注期間を9月13日11:00から9/25 23:59とし、TTA購入分は9月27日以降順次出荷いたします。

また今回の販売に合わせ、Toys To ArtのLINE公式アカウントでは利用者向けにお得なキャンペーンを行います!LINE@友だち追加していたきTTAのアカウントに連携していただけると合成人間購入時に使える送料無料のクーポンが配布されますので是非子参加ください!






商品名:東亜重工製 1/6 合成人間 

第一次受注期間:9/13 11:00~9/25 23:59

出荷予定時期:Toys To Art - 9月下旬より順次発送

       1000toys - 9月下旬以降順次出荷


価格:¥14000(税別) ¥15120(税込み)



販売ショップ:国内向け Toys To Art (

          海外向け 1000toys (



 (C) 弐瓶勉

2019/08/29 | #News

1/12 scale RE:EDIT Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V Pre-order Announcment










<<1/12 scale RE:EDIT Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V Pre-order Announcment>>







1000toys are excited to introduce our RE:Edit Halo Action Figure Series, showcasing Microsoft's best-selling video game series!

Kicking things off is the legendary Spartan super-soldier known as Master Chief. Starting with the iconic MJOLNIR Mark V armor featured in the classic Halo: Combat Evolved game, famed mecha designer Izmojuki has taken the original design and refined it with his trademark touch of style and realism.




Included with the Master Chief figure will be two stylish M6D Pistols as well as the iconic MA5B Assault Rifle used in Halo: Combat Evolved. 


And for close range combat, the Master Chief has acquired an Covenant Energy Sword to cut through anything within reach!

The exterior armor pieces are made from ABS plastic to allow maximum detail while the diecast inner frame will provide an overall improved durability for the collectible.


The RE:Edit Master Chief will of course also come with the famous articulation 1000toys products are well known for, allowing you to pose it in various stances while retaining battle-ready stiffness in the joints.

Just like in the games, Master Chief is leading the way for our RE:Edit Halo Action Figure Series, so be on the lookout for more Halo Action Figures coming from 1000toys!

[Product Details for 1/12 scale RE:EDIT Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V]

Item name : 1/12 scale RE:EDIT Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V

Figure size : 180mm

Material : ABS, Diecast ,PA,POM, PVC, Diecast Metal 

Weight : 500g/1.1lbs

Contents : Main Figure, Exchangable Hands(5sets) , Energy Sword, M6D Pistol x 2pcs, MA5B assault rifle, Pistol Mount Parts

SRP: $125

On Sale at: 1000toys Shop (

                      Many online toy shops that handle Japanese toys. 

Release Period: April 2020 

Start of Pre-Order: August 29,2019 11Am (JST)

End of Pre-Order: Mid December 2019

Link to Pictures:

[How to order]

Pre-orders at 1000toys will start on August 29th 11Am(JST) with the item scheduled for a April 2020 release date. Most overseas retailors should begin pre-orders within 2-3 days of this .

Please note for oversea fans this release will be available through most retailers that handle Japanese toys. The 1000toys online shop is a option for those fans who may not have a local shop to place a order. There will be no difference in the product offered at the 1000toys online shop and through our distributers.

As product is built to order all pre-orders will be filled if pre-ordered before the deadline.

Many retailers that handle Japanese toys will be taking pre-orders so we encourage you to support your favorite shop by placing an order through them.


あの大ヒットゲームシリーズ「HALO」からミニョル アーマー MK Vをまとったマスターチーフが1/12スケールのアクションフィギュアになって登場!


HALOの記念すべき第1作で活躍した、ミニョル アーマー MK VがRe-Editアクションフィギュアシリーズから発売決定!


またRe:Editシリーズの名に恥じぬ初期デザインラインを汲み取りつつ、リアリティを追求したディティールやアウトラインのMK Vのリデザインを大久保 淳二(出雲重機)が担当。これまで出れも見たことが無いマスターチーフが誕生!



商品名:1/12 scale RE:EDIT Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark V

予約開始日:8月29日, 11時

出荷予定時期:2020年 4月


価格: 15,800円(税込)

付属品:エナジーソード・M6D ハンドガン×2・MA5B アサルトライフル、, M6D ハンドガン マウントパーツ・握り手(LR)・開き手(LR)・銃持ち手(LR)・エナジーブレード持ち手(LR)・平手(LR)




リデザイン:大久保 淳二(出雲重機)


フィニッシャー:早川 洋司




c2020 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft,Halo, the Halo logo, Xbox, the Xbox logo, and 343 Industries are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

2019/01/03 | #News

Happy New Year from 1000toys!

undefinedA big thank you to all our fans for your support this past year, and we look forward to keeping everyone surprised and delighted in 2019.


We thought we would take a moment and look back at 2018.


2018 was a spectacular year for 1000toys - from Iconic character productions to Original direct-with-creator projects plus the continuation of nu:synth initiative line of designer action figures, there were many new exciting releases that ran the gamut.


As we opened 2018, Iconic licensed productions announced in 2017 rolled off the production line including the Iron Giant from the landmark animated film and 1/12 scale Killy with Safeguard from the Netflix/Polygon Pictures production of the Nihei Tsutomu manga of the same name. Continuing the connection with Nihei, we produced the first figure from his latest work - Aposimz (Ningyo no Kuni) - the 1/12 Etherow figure. Summer saw our biggest announcement of the year with the reveal of our 1/12 scale HELLBOY action figure (Mignola approved!) - the DX version of which was leveraged by Dark Horse to launch their direct to consumer Dark Horse Direct in-line collectible shop. 


From the 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries line, San Diego Comic Con 2018 saw the debut of the 1/12 scale Test Body Synthetic Human, a faithful reproduction of the much sought-after ? scale Test Body colorway of the Synthetic Human which had debuted 4 years earlier at the same event. The Test Body was an exclusive at events all over the world including San Diego, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Taiwan, Pasadena and Hong Kong.


Another exciting direct-with-creator Original production from 2018 included the 1/12 scale ROBOX. Developed in close collaboration with master illustrator Kim Jung-Gi, this transforming Robot figure was released in a fully finished retail version plus three exclusive DIY versions in Canvas White, Black and Military Green. We were additionally honored to host Kim Jung Gi for a couple of drawing sessions at our Tokyo Comic Con booth this past December.


The first half of 2018 saw the release of the remaining figures from nu:synth initiative Wave 1 including Teal Knight & Lime Knight from the Knights of the Synth (Toy Pizza) series and Future & Cyclone from the Nextman Synth (RealxHead) series. DesignerCon 2018 saw the first release of figures from Wave 2, including Pheyden & Buildman from the Glyosynth series with American indie figure pioneer Onell Design and Aitsu from the Un:Synth Heroes series with Japanese premier street brand Punk Drunkers. 


Another highlight of 2018 was SYN HMN RMX (Synthetic Human Custom Show) - our touring art show that featured amazing original creations by an international roster of superstar Creators and Customizers. Gallery SF Dept (Tokyo - February), ToyCon UK (London - April), Thailand Toy Expo (Bangkok - May), Five Points Festival (Brooklyn - June), Wrong Gallery (Taipei - October) and DesignCon 2019 (Pasadena - November). One thousand thanks to all the artists who participated and a special shout out to the Antireal crew for graphic support. 


2019 is going to be even more exciting! 1000toys will continue to add Iconic licensed productions to its portfolio including beloved game characters. Hellboy is scheduled to drop in April 2019 with figures of Abe Sapien and Lobster Johnson soon to follow. 2019 will also see the release of the remaining figures from the Wave 2 series plus sneak peaks of what is coming in Wave 3! Also keep an eye out for several new items with Nihei Tsutomu plus new collaborations with IZMOJUKI. Also a special co-production with Malaysian artist 1000tentacles studio is in the works. And much much more!


As always stayed tuned to our social media channels for the latest news!

2018/12/21 | #News

Notice regarding Customer Service during Winter Break (年末年始休業のご案内)

<< Notice regarding Customer Service during Winter Break >>



We would like to inform our customers that 1000toys will be entering a winter break and customer support will be unavailable during the following period.


Winter Break Period :

⇒ December 29th (Sat), 2018 ~ January 6th (Sun), 2019


Our business will resume on January 7th (Mon).

Any inquiries received by the 1000toys customer support during the period above will be corresponded in order of receipt from January 7th (Mon).

Due to the volume of inquiries, please allow for 2 to 3 days from January 7th (Mon) for correspondence to inquiries sent during this period.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and kindly ask for your understanding and support.



Team 1000toys









休業期間:2018年12月29日(土) ~ 2018年1月6日(日)まで





2018/09/14 | #News

Here Comes the RIOBOT Iron Giant!

The wait is almost over! The much anticipated RIOBOT Iron Giant from 1000toys has finished production and will be available at stores in Japan on September 15 with availability in the rest of the world soon to follow!

※Note release date is for Japan only and will differ overseas.

Let’s take a look at the finished product!

The package is striking with a great shot of Iron Giant posed with his hands on his hips that shows off many of the great features of this figure.

The Iron Giant comes in at 18cm and is composed of a mix of ABS and diecast metal materials. The ABS parts to allow for the faithful recreation of the lovable robot as seen on the big screen while diecast metal has been used for the chest and other bits to give Iron Giant the subtle heft that we love in our robot toys.

Subtle details in the head design have been faithfully recreated.

The mouth lis articulated and can be posed open or closed.

The rivets on the surface have been painted one by one to increase the detail on the surface of the figure.

By swapping the alternate heads, you can change his expressions on his face. Also by combining the included teeth parts you can make his surprised or angry face even more realistic.

LIKE THIS! Posing the Iron Giant like this and you can recreate that feeling seen in the movie.

By extending his elbow joints the range of motion can be expanded.

By pulling out the chest the range of motion in the area can also be extended.

As the overall design itself is spot on so Iron Giant looks great when you put him in simple poses like the squatting pose or just sitting down as in the poses seen above.

By pulling out the joints as mentioned above you can even have him sit down and hugging his knees!

The likable retro design of the robot lends itself to being posed a bit lazily as he does in the movie.

The S mark for  the chest has also been included as an optional part and of course can be attached to the chest! Once attached it can be rotated to the preferred angle.

So there you have it! From the classic moving animation “Iron Giant” that brought tears to eyes of many, we are proud to be bringing you our RIOBOT Iron Giant!  

We believe it’s the perfect combination of size, weight and mix of materials that maximizing

playability and poseability that will become an instant classic.


RIOBOT Iron Giant -  Defense Mode version is currently in development!

This version will come with red eyes and the right weapon arm as seen in the climax of the movie! Stay tuned for more updates!

<Product Details>

RIOBOT Iron Giant

・Release Period: September, 2018

・SRP: JPY16,200

・Size: 180mm

・Option Parts: Closed Hands, Open Hands, Exchangeable Heads x3sets, S Mark, Exchangeable Teeth Parts

・Material: ABS/Diecast/PA/PVS

・Sculpt :T-REX

THE IRON GIANT and all related characters and elements c & ? Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s18)

2018/08/09 | #News

Notice regarding Customer Service during Summer Break

<< Notice regarding Customer Service during Summer Break >>


We would like to inform our customers that 1000toys will be entering a summer break and customer support will be unavailable during the following period.

Summer Break Period :

⇒ August 11th (Saturday) ~ August 19th (Sunday)

Our business will resume as usual on August 20th (Monday).

Any inquiries received by the 1000toys customer support during the period above will be corresponded in order of receipt from August 20th (Monday).

Please note this will included Facebook messages sent to the 1000toys account. Replies to Facebook messages sent will resume on the same August 20th (Monday) as all other inquiries.

Due to the volume of inquiries, please allow for 2 to 3 days from August 20th (Monday) for correspondence to inquiries sent during this period.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and kindly ask for your understanding and support.


Team 1000toys





休業日:2018年8月11日(土) ~ 2018年8月19日(日)まで



2018/07/12 | #News

ROBOX Black and Canvas White Event Exclusives


1000toys is happy to announce "Robox Black" which joins "Robox Canvas White“ - as the newest addition to our popular Robox transformable toy series. These colorways will be available at upcoming events including San Diego Comic Con, ACG Hong Kong and Wonder Festival!  



Designed by world renowned Korean artist Kim Jung Gi and produced by 1000toys

Robox featuring a Kim designed robot that will transform from Humanoid form to a box shape with no exchanging of parts.

Robox Black will come in a sharp black color. Will not be painted but chic black tone of the plastic will show off the details of the Robox design in a different way compared to the green "Basic Version" released earlier.




Can be transformed to and back from humanoid and box form with no exchanging of parts.

Palm sized and will fit perfectly in most hands allowing you to hold it easily in your hands while you transform it.




Comes with shield and gun designed for the Robox series. These are designed to be attached to the toy when not in use and do not need to be taken off even during transformation.

Special attention has been paid to the design of the joints to allow for a wide range of motion to allow you to pose it in ways more seen with an action figure then a robot toy.

By creatively using the built in mechanisms it can be freely changed into other shapes and forms.







As an example if you want to get really creative you can pose 2 Roboxs like in the picture below where the Robox Canvas White has been changed in to a weapon and held in the arms of the Black version.



There are no limits to what you can do with these so let your imagination loose and enjoy the freedom this toy gives you.


Note product will only include 1 toy. You will need to purchase two products to pose them as in the picture.




Product will also come with an sheet of original decals that when used on the product will allow you to decorate and design your very own Robox. The decals will add a layer of reality to this and improve the overall feel to it as can be seen on the custom sample below.








As a example of a custom the type in the picture has the lens painted with decals applied to the white base body. Even this level of simple customization adds details that really sharpens up your Robox so we recommend you try it and make your own Robox.







Robox Canvas White  will also be available at SDCC!

The white colored Robox version originally made for customizers it has become an quick fan favorite wherever it has been made available.










Set will include Shield, 2x guns and Decals.




<Product Info>

Product Name: ROBOX BLACK

SRP: Wonderfest  JPY5,000

       SDCC        $50

       ACG HK      TBA

Material: ABS,PA

Set Includes: Main Figure, 2 x guns, Shield, Decals

Height: 150mm

Weight: 500g

Design:Kim Jung-Gi

Development: studioRECKLESS.




SRP: Wonderfest   JPY5,000

       SDCC         $50

       ACG HK       TBA

Material: ABS,PA

Set Includes: Main Figure, 2 x guns, Shield, Decals

Height: 150mm

Weight: 500g

Design:Kim Jung-Gi

Development: studioRECKLESS.



<Event Info>

SDCC 2018 (San Diego, USA) (July 18 - 22, 2018)

ACGHK 2018 (Hong Kong)(July 27 - 30, 2018)

WonderFestival Summer 2018 (Tokyo, Japan) (July 29, 2018)

Please check the official website for more details regarding each event.



<About ROBOX>

Based on an original design by the world famous Korean artist Kim Jung-Gi, ROBOX is a collaboration between Kim and 1000toys. A perfectly transformable toy that comes in a palm sized 1/12 scale with an amazing range of articulation plus the various gimmicks that 1000toys products are known for.

Check out this blog post to find out about ROBOX BASIC



<Kim Jung-Gi Profile>

Born in 1975 Kim Jung-Gi is a Korean born artist whose style of hyper realistic illustrations without the aid of photographic references has attracted the attention of millions over the last few years. Videos of his live drawing sessions on YouTube have over two million views and he is considered by many one of the greatest illustrators of our time.

Designed by Kim Jung-Gic1000TOYS,INC.


2018/07/10 | #News

1000toys at San Diego Comic Con 2018




1000toys is once again making the pilgrimage this year to California for the mother of all Conventions - San Diego Comic-Con (July 18 ~ 22). 

1000toys will once again be hosted by the good folks at 3D Retro (BOOTH #5250) and we will be offering a choice selection of our products.



We are excited for the U.S. debut of the TOA Heavy Industries 1/12 Synthetic Human Test Body. This highly detailed version of our popular 1/12 scale Synthetic Human is sure to be a collectors item. There will be a limited number of Test Bodies available each day of the show (excluding Sunday) and purchase will be strictly limited to 1 piece per customer per day.


・1/12 scale Toa Heavy Industries Synthetic Human Test Body

SRP : $80

For more details please check our blog post about the product.



There has been a lot of excitement around this release and we have heard the concerns of some of our fans regarding this figure’s event exclusivity. While there is currently no plan for an online release, we are taking the feedback into consideration. Please stand by for further announcements and thanks for your enthusiasm and support.






Also available will be ROBOX - our recent transforming robot collaboration with Korean illustrator Kim Jung-Gi! ROBOX will be available in TWO unpainted event exclusive colors - CANVAS White and Black - a customizers delight.

・1/12 scale ROBOX - Canvas white

・1/12 scale ROBOX - Black

SRP : $50 each




From Japanese Mecha innovator IZMOJUKI - we will have copies of his recent book Industrial Divinities 207 plus 1/35 scale SIMPLER plastic model kits of the PROBE 20WT available for purchase.








THREE styles of everyone’s favorite little robot the MechatroWego will make their Comic-Con debut - America, Hinomaru (Japan) and Tokyo plus the brand new Tiny WeGo Blind Box series. There are five different designs - Collect them all!







Additionally we will also have all 3 versions of the Next Man Synth from the nu:synth initiative - Fusion, Future and Cyclone. This 1/12 scale series of artist collaboration action figures is based on designs by Japanese soft vinyl designer Mori Katsura of RealxHead.







For collectors of 1/6 scale figures, we will have a limited selection of recent 1000toys releases:

・1/6 Toa Heavy Industries Synthetic Human Clear

SRP : $125

・Bait x G.I. Joe x 1000toys 1/6 Snake Eyes Action Figure

SRP : $250

・Bait x G.I. Joe x 1000toys 1/6 Storm Shadow Action Figure

SRP : $250

・Joumon Kugutu Bokkoku

SRP: $230


We are looking forward to seeing all our fans and friends - please stop by 3DRetro Booth #5250 and say hello!


<San Diego Comic-Con 2018>

1000toys at 3D Retro Booth #5250

Date: July 18 - 22, 2018 

Wednesday: 6pm - 9pm (preview night)

Thursday - Saturday: 9:30am - 7pm

Sunday: 9:30am - 5pm

Venue: San Diego Convention Center


2018/06/05 | #News

Delivery Address Update Deadline for 1/12 TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human(3rd Production Run)







<Notice for Delivery Address Update Deadline>>


As we will start preparing the delivery for the following item to ship in mid June 2018, we ask our customers to please login to your 1000toys account and double check if the delivery address requires any revisions.

*If your address is correct, you don't have to do anything at this point.


■1/12 TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human(3rd Production Run Ver. )

Deadline for delivery address update  : 

⇒June. 7th (Sun), 11PM (JST)


To revise your address, follow the steps below :

1) Login to your 1000toys account.

2) Register a new delivery address from "Address Book" at Account Settings.

3) Click your "Order History" to show order details.

4) Click the red Order No. of the order you wish to change.

5) Scroll down and click “Change Delivery Destination” to replace the old delivery address with the new delivery address.







■1/12 東亜重工製第三次生産 合成人間フィギュア



⇒ 2018年6月7日(日)、午後11時まで



1) 1000toysのアカウントにログイン

2) Account Settingsの「Address Book」タブから新しいお届け先の住所を作成・登録する

3) 住所登録後「Order History」をクリックする

4) 変更を希望のご注文をクリックして詳細画面へ移動する

5)詳細画面の「Change Delivery Destination」ボタンから新しく登録した住所を選択する


2018/05/22 | #News

Mission update /// nu:synth initiative | NextMan Synth Cyclone unleashed

1000toys is excited to unleash NextMan Synth Cyclone, the latest figure from the nu:synth initiative.


Cyclone is the third figure in the NextMan Synth collaboration series with Japanese soft vinyl master Mori Katsura of RealxHead.


As with all releases in the nu:synth initiative, the core figure is based on our fabulously articulated 1/12 scale Synthetic Human body allowing for incredible posing possibilities.


All new original parts designed by RealxHead himself make this figure uniquely representative of the artists aesthetic.

NextMan Synth Cyclone comes with the Next Gun which features 3 different swappable muzzle designs and uses a “glyos-friendly” pin system so you can make your own version using pieces from the Glyos line. (Glyos pieces sold separately)

PLUS the modular Synthetic Human base figure lets you mix and match parts between all the releases in the nu:synth figure line.


Each NextMen Synth - Cyclone, Fusion and Future - features a unique head sculpt and different weapons.  


NextMan Synth Cyclone will see his U.S debut at the upcoming Five Points Festival at 1000toys Toys-to-Art Showcase Booth #539. 


All three 1000toys x RealxHead NextMan Synth figures will available worldwide through select retailers in Summer 2018.

Stay tuned for breaking news regarding upcoming releases in the dynamic nu:synth initiative line and thanks for your support!



2018/03/30 | #News

1000toys Toys-to-Art Showcase at ToyCon UK 2018


1000toys is happy to announce that we will be back in London for ToyCon UK 2018 at York Leisure Centre in Bethnal Green, London on April 7 & 8, 2018. This will be our third time at the show and we are bringing some hot new products plus the latest installment of the Synthetic Human Custom Show as well the spectacular Toys-to-Art Showcase featuring 3 of our favorite Art Toy creators.

This year a choice selection of 1000toys products will be available including all 3 versions of Next Man Synth -  our collaboration with Japanese toy maker Real x Head from the nu:synth initiative series. This will mark the worldwide debut release of Cyclone version as well as the first international release of Future version. Also look out for some new Mechatro WeGo designs and other surprises. Stay tuned for the full product list.

We will also be bringing the latest installment of our traveling Synthetic Human custom show. We have had an amazing cadre of international artists create  unique works using our signature  ? scale Synthetic Human as the base platform. Look forward to checking out customs from Scott Tolleson, Doktor A, Acid Rain, Atom A. Amawrestler and many more.

For the Toys-to-Art Showcase, 1000toys will be sharing our booth space with 3 very talented artists; Kaori Hinata (Hinatique), Deanne George (Sorbet Jungle), Yasu (Ebineko-ya). The amazing team of original Art Toy creators who will be doing live painting, signings and offering up custom toys and original artworks as part of the showcase. PLUS there will be exclusive Toys-to-Art vinyl releases.

Follow 1000toys on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates as we count down to ToyCon UK 2018.


York Hall Leisure Centre, 5 Old Ford Rd

London, E2 9PJ, United Kingdom


Sat, 7 Apr 2017, 11:00 - 17:00 BST

Sun, 8 Apr 2017, 10:00 - 17:00 BST

[About ToyCon]

ToyCon UK is the UK's only dedicated designer toy convention, celebrating our 6th year in 2018!

Visit for ticket information as well as more information on the event.


2018/02/23 | #News

ROBOX from 1000toys is now on pre-order!


1000toys is happy to announce our new transformable robot series ROBOX in collaboration with Kim Jung-Gi


This figure is based on an original design by the world famous Korean artist Kim Jung-Gi whose style of hyper realistic illustrations without the aid of photographic references has attracted the attention of millions over the last few years.

Videos of his live drawing sessions on YouTube have over two million views and he is considered by many one of the greatest illustrators of our time.
Pre-order for ROBOX BASIC is now open!



ROBOX is based on an original drawing by Kim, the design is a futuristic robot that can transform from a box shape to a humanoid shape.

1000toys brings Kim’s incredible creative vision to life as a fully transformable 1/12 scale action toy!


ROBOX in action-ready humanoid form.

The rugged design fits perfectly with green color of the material.



Details from the original illustration including the camera on the head unit and cylinders on the chest have been faithfully recreated.




ROBOX will be 140mm (5.5 inches) in humanoid mode, with a weathered finish and

graphic markings on the body to complete the realistic feel



The shield can be mounted on either arm.

The guns mounted on both legs can be taken off and held in the hands or stored on the inner side of the shield.




The guns can also be attached to various mounting points on the body.



Legs,feet and waist are all articulated, with a high range of motion allowing for ROBOX to be posed in many styles.

Next up Let's take a look at the transformation process.


①Attach the shield to the back.



②Lower the chest part and pull the head unit inside.


③Fold both arms.



④Slide the croth cover and rotate the legs.



⑤Fold both legs inside.



⑥Fold the feet to complete the transformation.


As you can see the transformation is simple and easy-to-do even for neophytes.



The palm-sized ROBOX is highly portable, so take him with you everywhere or keep him on your desk to fiddle with.



You can have fun posing them in various states of transformation as in the picture above.


▲Sample display at Wonder Festival 2017 Summer.




1000toys are planning more collaborations with Mr. Kim artwork so keep yours eyes open.


There are more exciting releases planned in the ROBOX line, so keep checking this blog and our social media channels for updates.


Design:Kim Jung-Gi (c) 1000toys

<Product Details>

Product Name: Robox Basic


Material: ABS,PA

Release Period: June 2018

Design: Kim Jung Gi

2018/02/19 | #News

1/12 Synthetic Human 3rd Production Run!

undefinedBack by popular demand! 1000toys is happy to announce we will soon be opening of pre-orders for the third production run of the 1/12 scale Synthetic Human.

A marvel of groundbreaking engineering, this articulated masterpiece will once again be available!

The 3rd edition will have a unique identifying mark added to its cervical spine to distinguish from the previous runs. It will be identical to the previous releases in every other aspect.


Pre-orders for will start on Tuesday February 20th 11AM JST at the 1000toys shop!

※Pre-orders are now open →

<About the "Synthetic Human">

The original 1/6 scale Synthetic Human was the first release by 1000toys and kicked off the  "TOA Heavy Industries" series of figures featuring original characters designed by manga creator Tsutomu Nihei and produced by 1000toys.

The 1/12 Synthetic Human is not just a downsized version of its 1/6 scale counterpart. The figure’s articulation, gimmicks and silhouette have been refined and optimized for the 1/12 scale size.

<Order Info>

- Product Name : 1/12 Synthetic Human

- Price : $68 (USD, International Shipping Included)

- Pre-order Start : From February 20th (Tues), 11:00 am (JST)

- Period of Delivery : June, 2018 (Tentative)

- Purchase Limit : maximum of 4pcs per person

- Online Shop Address :

<Product Info>

- Height : Approx. 150mm (1/12 Scale, 6 in.)

- Package Dimensions : W 140mm/D 50mm/H 200mm

- Package Weight : 100g

- Material : ABS, ATBC-PVC, PA, POM

- Included : Hand Parts (Fists, Grip Hands), Interchangeable Mask

<Creator Info>

- Character Design : Tsutomu Nihei

- Engineering : Takao Kinoshita (ICREA) / Yuuki Nakamura (Sentinel)

- Finisher : Yoji Hayakawa (Sentinel)

<Purchase Info>

Note this item will also be solicited through Diamond Comics Distribution and D4 toys among other distributors. If you have concerns about import taxes and international shipping issues, we recommend you purchase this item through online shops or retailers in your area. For anyone in areas without a local Japanese toy shop remember that the 1000toys online shop ships worldwide.

※Please note all import taxes will be the responsibility of the customer.   


2018/02/15 | #News

1000toys presents the "RIOBOT Iron Giant" fully articulated die-cast toy


Straight from the classic 1999 animated film, 1000toys is excited to present the "RIOBOT Iron Giant" fully articulated die-cast toy!


Developed as part of the RIOBOT line famously known for its attention to detail coupled with unparalleled articulation, this is the ultimate figure that all Iron Giant fans have been waiting for! 


Our Iron Giant figure is solidly built with relatively high amount of die-cast parts yet features incredible articulation with firm joints that will allow for maximum poseability. 


Previously sneak-peeked last year at Wonder Festival 2017 Summer in Japan, a final prototype of the figure will be on display at the upcoming New York Toy Fair (Feb. 17 ~ 20, 2018)



[Release Information]


Pre-orders from retailers will begin on February 19, 2018 with the item scheduled for an August release date.  

Retailers that carry Japanese toys will be taking pre-orders shortly so support your favorite shop by placing an order through them. 


Please note this release will be sold exclusively through retailers and will not be available from the 1000toys online shop. 

[Product Details]

・Product Name: RIOBOT Iron Giant

・SRP: USD120(Outside of Japan)

・Size: 16cm

・Release Period: August 2018

・Pre-order Start: February 16, 2018 

・Weight : 400g

・Material: ABS/Diecast/PA/PVC

・Parts Included : Exchangeable Hand Parts x 2 sets, Exchangeable Head Parts x 2, Exchangeable Teeth 

THE IRON GIANT and all related characters and elements (c) & TM Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s18) 

2018/02/14 | #News

Event Info: Wonder Festival 2018 Winter Update




1000toys will be at Wonder Festival 2018 Winter Booth 3-13-2 which is happening on February 18th (Sunday) at Makuhari Messe in Japan. 

We will be showcasing the prototype of the new Aposimz 1/12 scale Etherow action figure which is currently available for pre-order. Also the newest colorways of the upcoming ROBOX project - our collaboration with illustrator Kim Jung Gi - will be on display. 

From the nu:synth initiative 1/12 scale artist collaboration line, we will have all four colors of the Knights of the Synth available for purchase! This includes the newest additions Lime and Teal plus the event exclusive Death Knight. This is your chance to collect them all! 

Also for Wonder Festival, we will be selling 1/6 Joumon Kugutu Zikin. This is the elusive metallic gold version which is being made available for the first time in Japan.

And last but not least, the 1/35 scale IZMOJUKI Probe 20WT Model Kit (White version) will be available for purchase. Please stop by Booth 3-13 if you are at the show!

<<Product Sales Information>>

1)  1/6 Joumon Kugutu Zikin 

JPY 25,000

2) 1/12 Knights of the Synth - Brick

JPY 8,000

3) 1/12 Knights of the Synth - Lime

JPY 8,000

4) 1/12 Knights of the Synth - Teal

JPY 8,000

5)  1/12 Knights of the Synth - Death Knight

JPY 8,500

※Comes with special cape.

6) 1/35 IZMOJUKI Probe 20WT Model Kit Ver 

JPY 1,200

For more details on Wonder Festival 2018 Winter please visit the official Wonder Festival website below.

<Wonder Festival 2018 Winter Event Info>

Date: February 18th, 2018

Venue: Makuhari Messe

Time: 10:00 ~ 17:00

Booth#: [3-13]


<<ワンダーフェスティバル2018 (冬)販売物>>


さて今回の販売物はこのようになります!今回国内初販売となる1/6 縄文傀儡 璽金(ジキン)以外ではNu:synthシリーズのKnights of the Synth4色すべてが初めてそろい踏み!また出雲重機の1/35スケールのプラモデルの販売などバラエティに富んだ商品ラインナップとなっています。

1 ) 1/6 縄文傀儡 璽金(ジキン)


2)1/12 Knights of the Synth - Brick(赤)


3)1/12 Knights of the Synth - Lime(緑)


4)1/12 Knights of the Synth - Teal(青)


5)1/12 Knights of the Synth - Death Knight(黒)



6)1/35 出雲重機 Probe 20WT プラモデル




イベント名: ワンダーフェスティバル2018 (冬)

開催日時:2018年2月18日(日曜日) 10:00~17:00

会場:幕張メッセ 国際展示場 1~8ホール


2018/02/14 | #News

Notice for 1/6 Synthetic Human Clear Pre-Order End Date


As previously announced, the pre-order for the 1/6 TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human Clear will close on February 15th 11AM (JST). 

For those who have already ordered we ask you double check your shipping address before the deadline to make sure all the details are correct.

The shipping date for the product will be early March 2018. A deadline for any changes regarding your shipping address will be issued through our blog and social media accounts.

Sales Information 

Period : January 15th 11AM (JST) -  February 15th 11AM (JST)

Online Shop :

<Product Details>

Product Name: 1/6 Synthetic Human Clear Ver. 

Estimated Release Period: early March 2018

Product Size:Approx. 300mm tall

Price: USD 150.00

Order Limit:3pcs per person.

Web Shop:

Includes: Interchangeable Hand Parts x2 sets

2018/02/08 | #News

1000toys presents 1/12 Etherow Action Figure from Tsutomu Nihei newest work Aposimz!


1000toys is happy to announce the 1/12 Etherow Action Figure from Tsutomu Nihei’s latest work “Aposimz”.


For fans of Nihei’s works, the second volume of Aposimz will be released in Japan tomorrow February 9th!



Born from the use of a special code, Etherow becomes the armored form as seen in the manga.

Based on the color illustration in the manga, the characteristic red design is not symmetrical and differs from side to side.



Details not seen in the manga have been added to the figure by the creator Tsutomu Nihei himself.



The joint system has been designed building on the experience we gained developing the 1/12 Synthetic Human and 1/12 BLAME! Killy figures and allow for maximum articulation without sacrificing any detail.





The two wings on the back are also articulated to allowing for incredible posing possibilities.




Also included is Etherow’s main weapon, the Ballistic Acceleration Device, which can be attached to either arm by exchanging parts.





1/12 Etherow Action Figure Product Details

・Release Period: September,2018


・Material: PVC/ABS/POM

・Included parts:Closed Fist Parts x 1Set, Open Hand Parts x 2sets, Ballistic Acceleration Device (Exchangeable Arm Part), Special Head Part

・Size: 16cm



1000toys online shop special bonus!

For those customers who order Etherow through the 1000toys shop, a special head part will be included.  



This special head part cannot be purchased anywhere else and depicts the Etherow as seen before completing the full transition into armored form. The hair, eye and even the teeth have been realistically rendered for this part.

Where to order.  

1000toys WEB (For customers who live outside of Japan)


Orders will be closed on March 19th. 


Special Head Part will only be included in products sold at the Toys to Art shop(For Japan) and the 1000toys Shop (For Overseas)

Product pictures are from samples and may have small differences with final product.


cTsutomu Nihei 

2018/02/02 | #News

1/12 Etherow Pre-order Announcement


1000toys is proud to announce the 1/12 Etherow Action Figure from the new Tsutomu Nihei manga APOSIMZ!

Pre-orders will start on February 9th at the 1000toys Web Shop as well as many other online retailers that sell Japanese toys.

As an added bonus for those customer who purchase through the 1000toys Web Shop a special bonus part not available anywhere else will be included in the product.

More details will be announced on February 8th so don't miss it!

2018/01/30 | #News


undefinedAs you may know 1000toys recently opened Toys to Art - an online shop selling not just our products but a choice selection of figures and toys by independent creators from all over the world. A special selection curated from the Toys to Art online store will be available at our Pop Up Shop in SF Gallery in Nakano, Tokyo. Plus we will be exhibiting the Synthetic Human Custom Show - our traveling exhibition of spectacular creations by international artists using our signature Synthetic Human figure as the platform. If you are in Tokyo please stop by!

Event  Dates: February 2 ~ 22, 2018

(gallery closed on Wednesdays)

Gallery Hours: 1pm ~ 9pm

Entry Free

Map to the SF Gallery


来月2日から東京都中野にあるSF Galleryでデザイナートイのセレクトショップ”TOYS TO ART” として初の試みとなるポップアップストアを開店します!これまでオンラインで好評発売中の商品はもちろん、今回先行して発売される新商品も多数揃えていますのでご期待ください!なお販売商品の詳細は当ブログ含めTTA各SNSにて近日中に発表いたしますのでそちらで確認ください。


またポップアップショップと並行して東京コミコンや香港のToySoulにて好評を博しました”1/6合成人間カスタムショー”の同時開催もSF Galleryで決定しました!展示されます国内外のアーテイスト達のクリエイティブな作品を楽しみながらショッピング出来るという優雅な空間をご堪能ください!


今回のイベントに合わせSFさんからは合成人間をモチーフにした新作Tシャツや、TOYS TO ARTとのコラボアパレルなども販売しますのでそちらにもご注目ください。


2/2[金]~2/22[木] 13:00-21:00[水曜定休]


会場:中野 SF gallery


Map to the SF Gallery

2018/01/30 | #News

【イベント限定販売】 縄文傀儡 璽金 製品レビュー Product Review of Jyomon Kugutu Zikin


〈Wonder Festival 2018 (Winter) Product〉


The Jyomon Kugutu Zikin previously sold at Thailand Toy Expo in May, 2017 will be available for JPY25,000 at Wonder Festival 2018 (Winter) that will be held February 18 at Makuhari Messa.This red gold "Zikin" version is the third release from the Jyomon Kugutu series following "Bokkoku" and "Enzi" and will be sold for the first time in Japan. 

Please note supplies for this version is very limited and may sell out quickly. 


<Product Info>

Product Name:  Jyomon Kugutu Zikin

Price: JPY25,000


Size: 300mm

To be sold at:  Wonder Festival 2018(Winter) 


※More details such as booth numbers will be announced later. 


A review of the product will follow in Japanese.



ワンダーフェスティバル 2018Winter]にて販売するアイテムを紹介します。

竹谷隆之 × 1000toys 「縄文傀儡」シリーズ新商品

「縄文傀儡 璽金(じきん)





















・正式商品名:縄文傀儡 璽金 (じょうもんくぐつ じきん)
・価格: 25,000円(税込/イベント特別価格)




2018/01/17 | #News

Product Shipping Update for BLAME! Products

<<Product Shipping for BLAME! Products>>



The following two BLAME products have shipped by EMS and should start arriving soon. For details please check your Shipment Announcement e-mail that will be sent later today, or click the order from the purchase history for tracking numbers of your shipment once it is updated later today.

■1/12 BLAME! Killy Action Figure

■1/12 BLAME! Safeguard Action Figure

Please note that as the shipment has been sent, it is impossible for us to change any details regarding your shipment.

Please contact the post office in your region if there are any changes in the address for your shipment.

For those who have not received their Shipping Announcement by e-mail, please check your spam folder or your 1000toys account before contacting us.




BLAME! 1/12 霧亥 アクションフィギュアおよびBLAME! 1/12 駆除系 アクションフィギュアですが、国内出荷が1月18日(木)より開始される予定となっております。詳細は出荷後に配信されます発送メールにてご確認ください。お届けまで、あとわずかですが今しばらくお待ちください。




2017/12/28 | #News

Notice regarding Customer Service during Winter Break

<< Notice regarding Customer Service during Winter Break >>


We would like to inform our customers that 1000toys will be entering a winter break and customer support will be unavailable during the following period.

Winter Break Period :

⇒ December 28th (Thursday) ~ January 8th (Monday)

Our business will resume as usual on January 9th (Tuesday).

Any inquiries received by the 1000toys customer support during the period above will be corresponded in order of receipt from January 9th (Tuesday).

Due to the volume of inquiries, please allow for 2 to 3 days from January 9th (Tuesday) for correspondence to inquiries sent during this period.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and kindly ask for your understanding and support.


Team 1000toys





休業日:2017年12月29日(金) ~ 2018年1月8日(月)まで



2017/11/03 | #News

Tokyo Comic Con 2017





各国のアーティストのクリエイティブな作品が並ぶ「合成人間カスタムショー」の日本初展示や今後取り扱い予定の海外の商品等今年のブースは見どころいっぱいです! Nu:Synthシリーズの第一弾も今回初めて全てそろえた形で展示されますのでお見逃しなく!


そして国内では初めての販売となるNu:SynthのRealxHeadと1000toysのコラボ商品“NEXTMAN SYNTH Fusion”から1/6合成人間まで幅広い商品をご用意しました。また今後国内向けに展開予定のショップ“Toys To Art”の商品を少量ですがご用意出来ましたのでそちらも販売いたします。




1000toys 商品










KNIGHT OF SYNTH 黒(Death Knight)






販売価格: 13,000円




販売価格: 6,500円



1/6 東亜重工 ストームシャドー

販売価格: 25,000円



1/6 東亜重工 スネークアイズ

販売価格: 25,000円


Toys-To-Art 商品





販売価格: 23,000円




Ohonneko (Koi)




K2 Toys

Ohonneko (Pink Sakura)




Black Seed

Jade Monster (Twinkle Rainbow)




Black Seed

Jade Monster (Amethyst)




16M Design

PopsicleMon (Rocket Pop version)




ToyCon U.K.

Toyconosaurus (Rainbow Virus ver.)




Sorbet Jungle

Croconana Plush (small)









2017年12月 1日(金)12:00~19:00
2017年12月 2日(土)10:00~19:00
2017年12月 3日(日)10:00~18:00

2017/10/13 | #News

Kojima Productions 1/6 Ludens now available for pre-order!




Yes! The wait is over!! The 1000toys produced 1/6 scale action figure of Ludens - “the icon character” for Kojima Productions - is now available for pre-order!

The figure wears an EVA (extra-vehicular activity) Creative Suit that consists of mixed materials including ABS, PVC and real cloth. Painstaking attention to detail has been paid to the markings on the suit to improve the overall realism of the final product.


Based on the innovative design by Yoji Shinkawa and fully supervised by Kojima Productions, the base figure comes in large at a whopping 31cm (12.2 inches).


One design point of pride is that the EVA Creative Suit will be completely seamless with no visible joints - giving the final piece a massive and heavy presence.




Also included with the Ludens figure are 2 detachable helmet visors. The dark smoke visor gives Ludens a darker mysterious look.



The clear type visor shows off the incredible details inside the helmet.


Inside the helmet is a perfect recreation of the face as seen in the teaser movie and production art released by Kojima Productions. The skull shaped face mask has also been faithfully reproduced following the original design.


This large 1/6 scale toy features movable eyes adding further realism to any pose.





LED lights built into the helmet lets you to recreate the iconic look of Ludens in his debut scene from the short promotional movie produced by Kojima Productions.



The figure features an incredible 46 points of articulation with built-in points of articulation on the inner frame including several clicking joints. The newly developed inner frame allows this figure to have a massive silhouette without sacrificing any articulation.



Ludens comes with a lance incorporating the sharp design of the original art and can be held by the figure.



The included beam flag is made from clear material with a crisp pad printed logo faithfully replicating the version seen in the promotional movie.


Kojima Productions


1/6 Ludens Action Figure is now on pre-order so order now!

(Product Information)

Product Name: 1/6 Ludens Action Figure

Release Period: March, 2018

Material: ABS/ATBC-PVC/PA/POM/Cloth

Parts Included: Smoke Visor, Hand parts x 3sets, Lance, Beam Flag

Size: 31cm