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Tokyo-based 1000toys was started with a simple core mission: “to launch original toys by Japanese creators.” The mission has expanded to work with creators from all over the world plus developing unique takes on licensed properties with an unwavering focus on quality and originality.

1000toys is excited to announce the restructuring of their product offerings into two new sub-brands.

Introducing "ORIGINALS" and "ICONS" - the new sub-brands upon which the company will take its next steps into the future.


The ORIGINALS brand will be carrying on the founding mission of 1000toys - developing original toys directly with international artists and creators.

Existing product lines TOA Heavy Industries with Tsutomu Nihei, IZMOJUKI with Junji Okubo, Joumon KUGUTU with Takeya Takayuki, ROBOX with Kim Jung-Gi, the popular CHUBU MechatroWeGo robot line as well as the nu:synth initiative will fall under The ORIGINALS brand.


The ICONS brand will be the home for our distinctive takes on licensed properties with an unwavering focus on quality and originality.

Ludens (Kojima Productions), Iron Giant, the Hellboy series and projects based on popular gaming properties including Devil May Cry, Halo and Cuphead will live under the ICONS brand.


Company Name
1000toys Inc.
February, 2015
Head Office
545 8th Ave Suite 1410 New York, NY, 10018 USA
Representative Director
Ono Chuichi (President)
Japanese Branch Office
2F Aizumi Ueno Bldg. 1-18-10 Ueno Taito-Ku, Tokyo,110-0005 Japan