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Tokyo-based 1000toys was started with a simple core mission: “to launch original toys by Japanese creators.” The mission has expanded to work with creators from all over the world plus developing unique takes on licensed properties with an unwavering focus on quality and originality.

Company Name
1000toys Inc.
February, 2015
Head Office
545 8th Ave Suite 1410 New York, NY, 10018 USA
Representative Director
Ono Chuichi (President)
Japanese Branch Office
2F Aizumi Ueno Bldg. 1-18-10 Ueno Taito-Ku, Tokyo, 110-0005 Japan

1000toys has several exclusive product lines of original toys and figures. These include TOA Heavy Industries with Tsutomu Nihei, IZMOJUKI with Junji Okubo, and Joumon KUGUTU with Takeya Takayuki. The popular CHUBU MechatroWeGo robot line - produced by parent company Sen-ti-nel - is represented internationally by 1000toys. We have many more exciting new projects coming soon including ROBOX with Kim Jung Gi and the nu:synth initiative.

TOA Heavy Industries

TOA Heavy Industries is a brand line developed in collaboration with Japanese manga artist Tsutomu Nihei. 1/6 Synthetic Human was the first figure in the line and immediately gained worldwide popularity. Its next-level articulation and attention to production detail helped 1000toys explode onto the scene and has defined our entire body of work from the start. The line has seen the release of many exciting 1/6 scale figures and has now expanded to include unique versions of characters from the G.I. Joe universe released in collaboration with the American lifestyle retailer BAIT. A newly re-engineered 1/12 scale Synthetic Human has inspired the launch of the nu:synth initiative - a new line of artist collaboration figures. Series one includes collaborations with renowned YouTubers Toy Pizza, veteran Japanese toymaker Mori Katsura of RealxHead, and indie action figure pioneer Matt Doughty of Onell Design.


IZMOJUKI was started in 2000 by Japanese mechanical designer Junji Okubo. Its base concept, “laboring robots in urban areas of near future Tokyo,” takes a step further from the boundaries of contemporary Japanese mech design. In 2016 1000toys joined forces with Junji and we began developing 1/12th scale versions of his original designs. The line kicked off with the IZMOJUKI Probe 20WT toy with more designs on the way. All the figures share an interchangeable modular building system.


Joumon KUGUTU is an original 1/6 scale figure based on artworks by the renowned sculptor, Takayuki Takeya. Mr. Takeya is a prolific character sculptor who has created numerous figure prototypes for characters in titles such as Final Fantasy VIII, Kamen Rider, Devil Man, Garo and more. The design aesthetic of the 1/6 scale Joumon KUGUTU reflects the artistic culture from Japan’s ancient Joumon period. The figure is highly articulated, has light-up eyes, and was released in 3 colorways; Enzi (red), Bokkoku (black) and the very rare Zikin (gold).

CHUBU MechatroWeGo

The WeGo is the world’s smallest Mechatrobot which was designed to be used for children’s school commute in under-populated areas and for various recreational purposes. The MechatroWeGo was created by 3DCG modeler and designer Kazushi Kobayashi. The MechatroWeGo line has 2 size - 1/12 scale and 1/35 scale. Recently there have been crossover releases of the little robot with popular properties including Hatsune Miku and Adventure Time, Evangelion, and Mazinger Z. The MechatroWeGo figures are produced by Sentinel and represented internationally by 1000toys.