[SOLD OUT]縄文傀儡 燕脂 -Joumon Kugutu ENZI-

[SOLD OUT]縄文傀儡 燕脂 -Joumon Kugutu ENZI-

230 USD. (Shipping Included)

Sold out

Product code: KUG-001

- Price : $230 (USD, International Shipping Included)
- Payment : PayPal only
- Pre-Order Start : February 24th(Fri), 11:00am(JST)
- Period of Delivery : May, 2017(Tentative)
- Purchase Limit : 1pc per customer

- Height : Approx. 300mm(1/6 Scale, 12in)
- Package Dimensions : W 155mm/D 370mm/H 95mm
- Package Weight : 500g
- Included : Hand Parts(Fists, Open Hands, Hands A, Hands B), Spherical Weapon

- Character Design : Takayuki Takeya
- Original Sculpt : Takayuki Takeya
- Digital Sculpt : Takaboku Busujima (BUSUJIMAX)
- Coloring : Takayuki Takeya

The "JOUMON KUGUTU" series is a project by 1000toys to show the world Takayuki Takeya's original designed characters in the form of 1/6 scale action figures.
The imaginative original design with essense of the ancient Japan Joumon period is converged into a detailed digital sculpt by sculpter Takaboku Busujima.
On top of that, additional touches by Takayuki Takeya himself is added to the 3D-printed prototype for Takeya's distinct curves and details to the product.
Also, the distinct color schemes and weathering techniques of Takayuki Takeya were carefully reproduced at the production factory.
An LED unit is housed inside the head and can be turned on for light-up gimmick.(*Batteries required)
Please enjoy the gahstly and intricate sculpt made by combining digital and analog techniques together.

*JOUMON KUGUTU "ENZI" will be a small number limited offering and will be sold out as soon as we are out of stock.

*In addition to the shipping and handling fees charged with your order, import taxes and other fees (such as customs clearance fees) may be imposed.
All taxes and fees incurred after shipment are the customer's responsibility.
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「Joumon Kugutu ENZI」は数量限定発売になります。規定数量に達し次第、売り切れになりますのでご了承ください。